Critical Thinking Questions – Midway Moment 11

Midway Moment (September to October 2021, Post Seminar 11) 

Discussion Questions –

  1. African Americans experience more housing segregation than any other racial or ethnic group. Why?
  2. Why are minorities and the poor more affected by disasters than those in the majority group and those who are more affluent? More specifically, why are African Americans more affected by hurricanes than whites
  3. What methods have been used in the past to keep minority group members from voting in the United States? To what extent are minority group members still denied equal access to voting today?
  4. Describe some ways in which the criminal justice system works that have the effect of discriminating on the basis of race and class. What would it take to create a criminal justice system that does not discriminate?
  5. In what ways could the legal system do a better job of protecting the rights of minorities, and of preventing them from becoming victims of unscrupulous business practices?
  6. Why have U. S. schools become more segregated over the past two decades or so? What consequences may this have?
  7. How is a hate crime different from any other kind of crime? What is the most effective strategy for preventing hate crimes?

Thank you very much for leading your Midway Moment Group. Remember to do your best to remain centered on the questions during your discussion. Your conversations help to recap the previous seminar and serves as a bridge to the next one.