Critical Thinking Questions – Midway Moment 3

Midway Moment (December 2020, Post Seminar 3) 
Critical Thinking Questions – (QQ. 1-4, C. 2 and Text Book Glossary)

1. Both social learning theory and personality theory argue that early experiences in life can cause people to be prejudiced. Therefore, what is the difference between these two theories?

2. What is the difference between scapegoating and projection, and how does each explain why some people are prejudiced?

3. A person who is prejudiced against one racial minority group is also more likely than most people to be prejudiced against other racial minority groups and against gay and lesbian people. Why is this case?

4. It is likely that some of the tendency for more educated people to be less prejudiced is real, and some of it reflects their greater tendency to know and give socially acceptable answers to questionnaires. How might you get a better idea how much is real and how much reflects the latter tendency? 

5. Any attitude, belief, behavior, or institutional arrangement that tends to favor one racial or ethnic group (usually a majority group) over another (usually a minority group).
a. Racism              b. Discrimination       c. Prejudice

6. Any arrangement or practice within a social institution or its related organizations that tends to favor one racial or ethnic group (usually the majority group) over another.
a. Stereotype         b. Scapegoat           c. Institutional Discrimination

7. Any social group that is dominant in a society; that is, it enjoys more than a proportionate share of the wealth, power, and/or social status in that society.
a. Race group        b. Minority group         c. Majority group

Remember to do your best to remain centered on the questions during your discussion.