Critical Thinking Questions – Midway Moment 4

Community Peace and Justice Network
Race Together: Learnings about and Race and Racism in America

Midway Moment (January 2021, Post Seminar 4)

Discussion Questions –

  1. When using persuasive communication, why is it so important to have a person or source who is attractive, credible, powerful or prestigious for it to be effective? Why is that person often a member of the majority group (white)?

  2. Are college courses on diversity effective in reducing prejudice? Explain those elements or how the course can actually add to or subtract from that effectiveness. Is this the same for the required and elective seminars provided in corporate America?

  3. Why is it so important to have equal status among group members for intergroup contact to be effective?

  4. Define symbolic racism and explain how those who express this view responded the way they did to the election of the first African American president?

  5. Does symbolic racism also explain why predominately white organizations (for profit and nonprofit) have difficulty hiring racial and ethnic minorities to lead them? Do some majority group (white) organizations struggle with minority leadership? If so, how come more specifically? 

Remember to do your best to remain centered on the questions during your discussion.