Critical Thinking Questions – Midway Moment 7

Race Together: Learnings about and Race and Racism in America
Midway Moment (April 2021, Post Seminar 7) 

Discussion Questions –

  1. How was the segregation system imposed on African Americans in the south after Reconstruction?
  2. Define cultural racism and explain how this type of prejudice has developed.
  3. Choose one or more of the following, and explain how it contributed to social movements against racial or ethnic inequality during the period from around 1955 to 1970: urbanization, economic expansion, mass communications, rising educational levels.
  4. In your opinion, what role did the Black Civil Rights Movement play in the emergence in the 1960s of similar social movements among Mexican Americans, American Indians, or other groups? Has the time come for a mass Asian American Movement?

Thank you very much for leading your Midway Moment Group. Remember to do your best to remain centered on the questions during your discussion. Your conversations help to recap the previous seminar and serves as a bridge to the next one.