Seminar 2 Outline – October 20, 2020

Community Peace and Justice Network – October 20, 2020
Race Together: Learnings about and Race and Racism in America
Seminar Leader: Arturo Pierre Lewis

The Institution of Slavery and its attempt to destroy African People

. Kidnapped People
. Terrorized People
. Dehumanization of People
. Physically tortured People
. Psychologically manipulated People
. Separation of Families
. Religiously exploited People
. Racially segregated People (Colorism)
. Rape as a weapon of control and power and pleasure
. Economically oppressed People
. 4 Million Africans were placed into the Institution of Slavery in the colonies and U.S.
. 2 Types of Enslaved, Field Slave and the House Slave, separated by race and class
. People without legal liberty

The Development of the African American by Africans while enslaved

  • Family
    . Weddings (Jumping the Broom)
    . Extended care for children born to other enslaved women
  • Slave Religion (Al Raboteau)
    . Cabin Worship
    . Worship in the Woods
    . Worship in White Churches
    . Slave Songs (Duality of meaning)
  • Skilled Labor, Arts (Music, Dance, Pottery, Drawings)
  • Cultural Values
    . Family
    . Faith
    . Finance
    . Freedom
    . Education