Seminar Guide 2020-2021

Seminar Topics, Calendar, and Media

*Media to be viewed prior to the seminar date in preparation for discussion.

September 22, 2020
Orientation to Race Together Seminars & Midway Moment
Seminar 1 Video Recording – Watch Here

October 20, 2020
*Slavery and the Making of America, Episode One ( or YouTube, 60 min.)
12 Years a Slave (Netflix)
The Institution of American Slavery and The Introduction of Institutional Racism
Midway Moment 1 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 2 Outline
Seminar 2 Video RecordingWatch Here

November 17, 2020
Majority-Minority Relations (Book by John E. Farley)
A Socio-Historical Orientation of Institutional Racism in America
Ch. 1, Basic Terms and Concepts
Midway Moment 2 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 3 Outline
Seminar 3 Video Recording – Watch Here

December 15, 2020
*Eyes on the Prize 1 – Awakenings 1954-1956 ( or YouTube)
(Alternatively, you can watch Eyes on the Prize episodes by going to and sign up for FREE using your local library information.)

Ch. 2, Prejudice: Its Forms and Causes
Ch. 3, Reducing Prejudice
Midway Moment 3 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 4 Outline
Seminar 4 Video RecordingWatch Here

January 19, 2021
*Eyes on the Prize 2 ( or YouTube)
Ch. 4, Sociological Perspectives
Ch. 5, Origins and Causes of Ethnic Inequality:
Midway Moment 4 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 5 Outline
Seminar 5 Video Recording – Watch Here (Please refer to the Seminar 5 Outline for more details)

February 16, 2021
The Making of African Americans in a White America
Ch. 6, Changing Patterns of Majority-Minority Relations in the U.S.
Midway Moment 5 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 6 Video Recording – Watch Here

March 16, 2021
Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack
Ch. 7, Minority Group Movements and Their Impact on Society
Ch. 8, Changing Values, Goals and Models
Seminar 7 Outline
Seminar 7 Video Recording – Watch Here

April 20, 2021
*Black in Latin America – Haiti and the Dominican Republic: An Island Divided  ( or YouTube)
Ch. 9, Cross Cultural Studies of Majority-Minority Relations
Ch. 10, Status of Majority and Minority Groups in the United States Today (Latinos/Latinx: Mexican Americans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, et. al.); Muslim and Arab Americans; Asian Americans; Jewish Americans
Seminar 8 Outline
Seminar 8 Video RecordingWatch Here

May 18, 2021
*Eyes On the Prize 3 ( or YouTube)
Ch. 11, The Economic and Health Care Systems and Minority Groups in America
Ch. 12, Housing Segregation in America
Seminar 9 Outline
Seminar 9 Video Recording – Watch Here

June 15, 2021
Ch. 13, The American Political and Legal System and Majority-Minority Relations and 13th
Seminar 10 Video Recording – Watch Here

September 21, 2021
*13 th (Netflix)
Ch. 12, Housing Segregation in America
Ch. 13, The American Political and Legal System and Majority-Minority Relations
Seminar 11 Outline
Seminar 11 Video Recording – Watch Here

October 19, 2021
*Eyes On the Prize 4 ( or YouTube)
Ch. 14, Education and American Minority Groups
Ch. 15, Current Trends in Majority-Minority Relations; Multiculturalism and Hate
Midway Moment 11 Critical Thinking Questions
Seminar 12 Outline
Seminar 12 Video Recording – Watch Here

November 16, 2021
*Crash, 2004
Ch. 16, Affirmative Action, Immigration, Race and Class
Racial and Ethnic Conflict: Individual and Institutional Discrimination
Seminar 13 Video Recording – Watch Here

Guest speaker: Jami Floyd

Jami Floyd is the Senior Editor for Race & Justice Unit at New York Public Radio. She is also the Legal Editor in the WNYC Newsroom. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jamifloyd.

Jami was born and raised in New York City and grew up listening to WNYC. She has been a news junkie ever since childhood, when she delivered newscasts for her grandmother from the dining room table. She went on to serve as editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, ombudsperson for the college newspaper and to DJ for WHRW, the campus radio station at Binghamton University (S.U.N.Y.). At Berkeley Law School, she served as an associate editor of the California Law Review, where she also published.

In a journalism career that spans two decades, Jami has worked on everything from breaking news, to exclusives, to long-form investigations. Jami has had the opportunity to interview countless news makers, including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, cited by The New York Times for her barrage of “hard-hitting” questions. Jami still considers her interview with Myrlie Evers-Williams, widow of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers to be her most meaningful.

Until September 2020, served as the weekday host of “All Things Considered.” [source:]


*Media to be viewed prior to the seminar date in preparation for discussion.